Airwheel A3 Self Balancing Two Wheeled Electric Scooter Review

The Airwheel A3 Self Balancing Scooter is a Self Balancing Electric Scooters for Adults. To move forward, you’ll need to sit down and lean in the direction you wish to go and that’s it!

WHAT WE LOVE:It comes with a seat.

A3 has a screen and two remote controls. With the remote control you can control front lights and the power and through the LED screen you can see charging status, your speed and the distance.


Quick Summary

  • Max. Speed 19 km/h (alert activated at 12km/h)
  • Range per Charge 60-65km (may be affected by rider’s weight, road condition and temperature)
  • Safe Climbing Angle About 15 ° (18° for riders weighing 60kg or less)
  • Battery 520Wh
  • Tyre Size 16″
  • Weight Limit 120kg
  • Charging Time Full 4 Hours
  • Battery Life 5 Years (You can recharge 1800 times.)
  • Charger Voltage AC220V50-60Hz
  • Weight 34kg
  • Built-in LED Display
  • Electronic Brake Applications


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  1. I need to replace the battery pack for my Airwheel A3 and can’t find any resources to get this done! Is there absolutely NO support for these products?

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