Airwheel New X3 Upgrade Self Balance Electric Unicycle Scooter Review

The Airwheel X3 is a self-balancing electric unicycle scooter that comes with a capable intelligent system that balances you automatically. (Similar to the technology used on the Segway.) You can simply lean forward, backwards, to your left or right to go in the direction you want with ease.

You do need a bit of practice though, just like how you first learnt to ride a bike! If you’re unsure, you can also get some help with attachable Airwheel Training Wheels/ Learning Wheels.

The Airwheel X3 is portable and can be easily carried around on bus or subway.

Comes with:
1. Unicycle x1
2. Charger x1
3. Auxiliary Belt x1
4. Extended Nozzle x1
5. Training Wheel x2


Quick Summary

  • 12 Mph speed
  • Charge time: 1 Hour
  • Distinctive Futuristic Look
  • 12 Mile/ 20 km Range per Charge
  • Advanced Technology for Personal Transportation Needs
  • Compact and Fast


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