Cool dance moves performed on the new Ninebot Mini Scooters. We think the Mi Ninebot Scooter are a smaller miniature of the Ninebot-C. What do you think?

Ninebot Mini:

Image Source: Xiaomi

Image Source: Xiaomi


Upon further research on these new scooters via, we found out that the Ninebot Mini was co-developed by Ninebot and Xiaomi. Where Xiaomi was part of one of the investors that aided Ninebot to acquire Segway a while back.

“Ninebot claims that the scooter, which weighs 12.8 kilograms, can travel 22 kilometers on a single charge, reach speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour, and go up 15 degree slopes.” from

The Ninebot Mini Electric Self Balancing Scooter doesn’t have a handle. It detects movements from the rider’s calves to predicting where they want to go. It also has smaller wheels compared to the Ninebot C. Pricing seems to be much more attractive as well. The China-based electronics manufacturer launched the Ninebot Mini self-balancing scooter with the price of RMB 1,999 (US$314).

YouTube views at time of publishing article: 1,957. Video was originally published on 31 October 2015 by XIAOMI GLOBAL.

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