SWAGTRON SwagRoller Electric Unicycle Review

The SWAGTRON SwagRoller Electric Unicycle with 450 W motor travels up to 12.4 miles, tackles inclines up to 15°, & carries up to 264 lbs effortlessly.

The collapsible, metal footrests and retractable handle to roll the SwagRoller makes it portable and easy to trolley around and store in between riding destinations.

That the SwagRoller is equipped with multi-layered protection to prevent overcharging?

1. To move forward: Shift your weight forward.
2. To move backwards: Shift your weight back.
3. To turn left: Shift your weight slightly left.
4. To turn right: Shift your weight slightly right.

Quick Summary

  • Multi-Terrain Dual Air-Filled Tires
  • Built-In Retractable Handle
  • App & Bluetooth Speaker
  • Reaches up to a max speed of 9 miles per hour
  • Distance Range By Single Charge Is Approximately 12.4 miles
  • Weight capacity: 264 lbs
  • Overcomes 15° inclines with ease
  • Blast your favorite songs as you ride with this self-balanced unicycle’s Bluetooth® functionality
  • APP ENABLED – Use the app to choose an LED pattern, use the motor lock feature, view riding history, and more!
  • 14” DUAL TIRES – With dual air-filled tires


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How to connect to your SwagTron SwagRoller via BlueTooth
Step 1 : Download the SwagRoller app from the App store or Play store.
Step 2 : Power on the SwagRoller to automatically activate its Bluetooth.
Step 3 : Press the SwagRollers power button to turn on Standby Mode. The SwagRoller will offer a voice prompt to confirm it has entered Standby Mode.
Step 4 : Using your mobile device, turn on Bluetooth and open the SwagRoller app.
Step 5 : Touch the search icon in the top right corner. SwagRoller should appear.
Step 6 : Select SwagRoller and enter the default password 000000.
Step 7 : After successfully connecting your SwagRoller to your phone you can use the app.



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