Exorider Electric Scooter Review

The EXORIDER Electric Scooter comes in 3 colors. Black, White and Red.

It comes with a functional handlebar on top that allows you to lift it away from the ground easily when you’re done with your ride. It gets you to your destination faster than walking and makes short distance commuting and travelling a leisurely process.

Notables: The design is kinda similar to the Doco A1 One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter. However, the specifications are different in terms of charging time needed and speed. The padding shape around the calves are also different.


Quick Summary

  • Length 18.8in
  • Width (collapsed) 7.5in; Width (expanded) 14.9in
  • Height 20.35 in
  • Weight 27.5lb
  • Speed 10m/hr
  • Maximum tilt 30 degrees
  • Charging Time: 45 – 90 minutes
  • Maximum load 242.5lbs
  • Battery life: 1000+ charges


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  1. Hi all,
    I have purchased a self-balancing scooter called Superwheel Exo-rider less then 5 months ago and am experiencing the problem with the battery that is not being recharged. I have sent emails to the company and never received any reply back. I went to the specialized Battery Plus store that claimed that it wouldn’t be possible to find a replacement. I spent a few weeks trying to find the company that can ship the replacement. I also purchased a warranty on the product, and I am not so sure if the exo-rider is still being manufactured. Clearly it feels that I was ripped off and I would certainly not recommend to buy this product or any products that are similar to it.

  2. I bought an eco rider and my dog chewed up the charger ,I was Wondering if I could just purchase the charger

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