Electric Unicycles have really gained traction between 2015 and 2015. We see more and more electric unicycle riders on the streets, whizzing by with their bright new shiny scooters.

But did you know that an earlier model with a retractable seat had been introduced by HONDA around 2012? We love the elegance and well-designed curves of their self balancing scooter. Concept and execution were also ahead of it’s time.

This is a shared video with the direct source linked from YouTube. YouTube views at time of publishing article: 27,499. Video was originally published on Mar 23, 2012 by Honda France Automobiles.

Check out the video below for the demonstration of the Honda U3-X in Paris. They showcased the scooter in a interesting manner by presenting a doll-like model “floating” and moving as if she was part of a musical box.

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  1. I have some driving issues going on as well. Stopped driving 3 years ago and i am afraid of trying it again since that time :/ &#in20;Hir83g one sounds like a pretty good idea to me

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