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Cool video by Justin Bower – a new usee of the Ninebot One E Electric Unicycle.

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Ninebot One E first steps by Justin Bowyer
He shows us his first attempts on riding his newly bought Ninebot machine.

For the first 25 tries, he has a hard time even just balancing on the self balancing unicycle without tripping.

Just in case, he wore some protective gear. He has wrist and elbow guards on.

He starts to wobble and slightly gets better with each new attempt.

Ninebot One E first steps by Justin Bowyer
While watching his video, you get the sense it’s kinda like learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time when you’re trying to ride a electric unicyle, even though it’s supposedly it has self-balancing capabilities.

Not totally effortless, and that you’ll need to practice.

Finally he makes some decent distance on his first day. He had some difficulty stopping, turning and making smooth transitions to different grounds areas like grass and gravel.

He appears unsure and a little awkward at first. But as the video progresses, about 30 minutes later, we can see he gets more stable and confident.

But he did sustain a small injury to his ankle during one time when the Ninebot fell on his leg when he was trying to make a turn.

Ninebot One E first steps by Justin Bowyer

By Day 2, he is able to make turns and go over gravel steadily.

And he’s able to make a clean stop and alight safely.


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